C&S Chemicals, Inc. constantly strives to operate in an “environmentally friendly” manner.  We understand that our customers also strive to operate in a similar manner, and we make it our business to help them achieve their goals.  We not only provide the chemicals that help them run their operation, we also provide the hands-on expertise to consult them along the way.
Company Story Services
“The Aluminum Sludge Conversion Facility is a prime example of our approach to sustainable development,” says Nick Sekiguchi, shown here with Johnny Udo and Rob Chandler at the ribbon-cutting
Fuji Film – Aluminum Sludge Conversion Facility    
Most recently, C&S worked closely with FujiFilm on a project to support their “Green Policy”.  Working together, the two companies identified potential use of waste streams, developed a system to process them into viable products, and marketed them back into beneficial use for customers.  

On November 14, 2006 C&S Chemicals, Inc. and FujiFilm celebrated the opening of an on-site “Aluminum Sludge Conversion Facility”.  This facility effectively treats aluminum waste streams and will keep 3000 tons per year out of the Greenwood landfill.
Resource Recovery
For years, C&S has been helping companies recycle their resources, especially in the arena of aluminum waste.  Call us at 1-866-977-2669 to see if we can help you reduce the cost of your waste disposal, keep this waste out of the landfill, and add to your bottom line.
Lake Treatment
Phosporus control in our lakes and streams is another area where C&S feels that there products can make a positive environmental impact.  Through our relationships with various contractors, C&S is getting involved in lake treatments to help communities clean up our lakes and streams… an initiative that will serve well the future of these communities.
Sweetwater Technology treating Florida lake with C&S Chemicals’ alum.
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