C&S Chemicals Announces Partnership with ISI Water Chemistries

The acquisition of ISI builds upon C&S’ strategy to further bolster its product and service capabilities in the industrial water treatment sector. The current management team at ISI will maintain an active leadership role in the business going forward.

C&S Chemicals (“C&S”), a leading provider of specialty treatment solutions to industrial and municipal end markets, has partnered with ISI Water Chemistries (“ISI”), a provider of cooling tower and boiler water treatment services. Based in Bluffdale, UT, ISI serves over 200 customers in diverse end markets including the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries.

Jess Sadler, Owner of ISI, said, “Joining forces with C&S marks an exciting chapter in our company’s history. This partnership not only validates the hard work and dedication of our team, but also presents an incredible opportunity to accelerate our growth.”

Jordan Meher, Owner of ISI, said, “Becoming a part of the C&S family is a strategic decision that moves us closer to achieving our goals. This collaboration brings forth a wealth of resources and expertise, ensuring that we continue to exceed expectations and deliver value to our customers.”

Rob Chandler, Co-CEO at C&S, said, “We are delighted to partner with the ISI team, a strategic effort that not only strengthens our portfolio of products and services, but also enhances our reputation as a leading comprehensive solutions provider.”

Greg Chandler, Co-CEO at C&S, said, “We are excited to announce our partnership with ISI, a move that aligns with our continuous goal to increasingly enhance the benefits we provide to our customers. This partnership allows us to leverage the strengths of both organizations, propelling us toward continued success.”

Mike Chandler, Co-CEO at C&S, said, “As we welcome ISI to our family, we see immense potential for collaboration and growth. We are confident that this strategic move will not only enrich our capabilities, but also contribute to the collective success of our organization.”

C&S Chemicals Announces Partnership with ISI Water Chemistries