Municipal Water Treatment

Aluminum Sulfate

C&S Chemicals, Inc. manufactures both Commercial Grade and Iron-free liquid Aluminum Sulfate (Alum), primarily for use in water treatment, waste water treatment, and papermaking. In addition to the two basic alum grades, C&S has the ability to custom blend Alum to suit your specific conditions. Acid-Alum and Alum-Polymer blends are effective solutions to specific treatment conditions.

Our Aluminum Sulfate meets AWWA specifications and is NSF Certified.

Alum in Water Treatment
For the purpose of public consumption, drinking water must meet or exceed certain standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Water must be clear, colorless, tasteless, and free from harmful bacteria. Alum, along with being an extremely effective coagulant, helps control bacteria, taste and color.

Although alum has been used for centuries in several different applications, it was not until the late 19th century that it was used extensively. At this time it was introduced into a New Jersey water treatment plant as a coagulant to remove suspended solids and thus speed up the filtration process. Since then, alum has been widely accepted throughout the world as one of the premier coagulants.

Alum in Waste Water Treatment
With the increase in demand for pure water by the growing population, along with rigid control of stream pollution, waste effluent treatment has become ever more important. Alum has a dual role in the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial wastes. Alum coagulates the suspended and colloidal matter of the sewage, and conditions the sludge for rapid drying on beds or vacuum filters.

Alum has also proven to be extremely effective in the clarification of numerous industrial effluents. Exceptionally good results are achieved when alum is applied to wastewater containing lattices, steel mill effluents, and oily wastewaters frequently encountered in refineries.

Alum in Papermaking
Alum is one of the single most important chemicals used in papermaking. It provides the papermaker with a tool to improve drainage, to retain fines, and to set rosin size. In addition, alum is used to control pH and formation, to enhance the value of resin additives as well as to control pitch, to prevent foam, and to improve the properties of broken and secondary fibers. Proper application and control of the alum level will increase machine production and can reduce the input of many other chemical additives.

Sodium Aluminate

C&S Chemicals, Inc. manufactures liquid Sodium Aluminate in various strengths. All of our Sodium Aluminate is stabilized to prevent the precipitation of alumina out of the solution. C&S manufactures quality Sodium Aluminate for use in water treatment, waste water treatment, papermaking, catalyst production, titanium dioxide manufacturing, and other various applications.

Municipal Water Treatment